Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a popular hobby for many adventurers and problem solvers. These escape rooms are rooms (or small connected rooms) which are locked from the outside simply for the sake of giving people to work through various puzzles to get out.

This activity has received a rapidly growing popularity and due to this many companies have begun creating them. Often these rooms will have set themes that can vary based on both where the company is located and what time of the year it is. One time of year where you will often see changing themes is in October because as Halloween grows closer people are looking for more interesting ways to get their thrills. For example, some companies may design their escape room similarly to a haunted house, making the players feel as though their situation is far more dire. This can increase the fun of it all as they try more desperately to escape.

Another common theme follows a trope similar to classic murder mystery dinners where instead of enjoying a hot meal the players instead participate with actors to not only identify a possible escape route but also to identify who is playing the murderer in the story.

For people who fear that these rooms may be too complex there are often varying difficulty levels so that you can either take part in one that is fairly challenging but not too much so or one that is extremely difficult and may take a while to complete. The time that it takes to complete these escape rooms are different based on these difficulty levels. The majority of escape rooms take anywhere from an hour to seventy minutes but for the extremely challenging escape rooms, there are some which stretch to as long as an hour and a half.