Escape Room Tips for Beginners

Escape Room Tips for Beginners

Escape games are games ideal for both kids and adults. The games involve teams, making them even more fun, especially for team building or for a group of friends. Although these are fun games to play, beginners may find them a bit challenging. This is because regardless of having close and robust team members, it is crucial to be aware of the tricks and traits of playing in the escape room.

The following are tips for playing in escape room games.

Choose a small team.

For you to succeed in the escape room, you need a group of not more than six people. This makes the communication to be efficient and smooth since you can easily reach out to your members while in the rooms. Also, make sure to choose people with excellent communication skills to avoid barriers when relaying information and clues that you find.

Choose a casual game.

Escape games are categories in different themes. There are horror games, puzzle games and even clue games where you are expected to go round in different rooms collecting the required clues. Be careful when selecting the competition to ensure all the team members are comfortable playing. By choosing a game that all team members like makes it enjoyable, and boosts chances of your team winning.

Divide the group.

These games are played on limited time; hence, you should make sure that every member of the team is active to save time and avoid getting disqualified. Therefore, ones the theme is presented to you, divide the duties to determine what every member of the team is responsible for. If possible, share the responsibilities according to each member’s stronghold.


Escape rooms are fun and easy to play games as long as you know the right tactics. The group members also play a role in determining the success of the team based on the given theme. Therefore, use the above tips to help you and your teams learn the way around these games.