Understanding escape rooms

Understanding escape rooms

Recently escape rooms have had a huge buzz almost everywhere and it’s all everybody seems to be talking about. You may have heard your family members or friends whisper around about escape rooms, and this has undoubtedly left a huge question in your mind,’ What is the deal about this escape rooms?’. You need not worry since we have all the answers you seek right here. This article will elaborate on what an escape room is and why it is such a big deal.

Escape room definition

An escape room, also commonly referred to as an escape game, is a kind of game where a group of players needs to work together to solve puzzles, discover clues, and accomplish tasks in a room or more to progress to the next steps and accomplish a given goal. Now, all this needs to be done within a limited amount of time, usually one hour. Escape room lovers simply define it as a real-life adventure game that lasts 60 minutes.

How it works

To begin an escape room adventure you need a team which normally constitutes between 3-7 people. Now, you and your team get assembled in what is usually a themed room with a time limit of one hour to escape by completing the mission at hand. For you to succeed in your mission, you will need to solve complicated puzzles and find hidden clues in the room that you are put in. For you to accomplish all your goals, your observation skills will be tested and you have to work together as a team. You may have to look closer at that painting on the wall, underneath the rug, or the bookshelves full of books.

What makes escape rooms quite interesting is the fact that you don’t know where a clue is hidden, thereby making everything important. Immediately you get locked in the room the clock starts ticking and you have to work fast. Escape rooms are therefore quite thrilling and provide you and your team an opportunity to bond on a whole new level.

Why Escape Rooms?

To complete an escape room challenge, you will need a lot of teamwork, creativity, speed, and patience. All the attributes you need successfully finish an escape room task make this game perfect for corporate team-building, family, and friends. Escape rooms provide you with the chance to work together with the people around you while solving puzzles and finding clues which is pretty great.

Why are escape rooms popular?

Escape rooms are quite popular because they let people experience a whole new way of storytelling like never before. Before you begin your journey in an escape room, you will get the chance to choose which adventure you want. Once you and your team step into an escape room, it will feel as though you have entered a whole new world full of several possibilities(Escape room Leicester).


Escape rooms are a fun way of bonding with family, friends, and colleagues. Although escape rooms can be rather expensive, they are worth every penny you spend. You should check out escape rooms near you and try them out.